Bedtime Routines to Help Curb Bedtime Battles

Is there a bedtime routine at your house? Do you find that it helps curb the bedtime battles?

Thankfully, bedtime has always gone fairly smoothly around our house. And, I think one main reason for it is a fairly consistent bedtime routine that started when the boys were babies (and has remained mostly unaltered since then).

Between 7:30 & 8:00 every night (except for special occasions & circumstances, of course), the boys start getting ready for bed and know what to expect. Most nights, the process begins with a bath. And, they LOVE it!!! Then, it’s lotion, jammies, and time for brushing teeth. Those tasks themselves even have routines—especially brushing teeth! These little guys are quite particular about the order in which everything occurs & will be quick to tell you if “that’s not the way we do it”.

After teeth, then it’s story time. Usually each one gets to pick out a book. Then, Little Brother gets some one-on-one rocking time with singing in his room and then Big Brother gets some one-on-one time on his bed—lately, this consists of asking one million questions! J

Do you have a similar routine at your house? Ours is nothing overly special, but it does seem to help curb some of the potential bedtime battles. And usually when we do have nighttime issues, it’s often when (for whatever reason) we’ve broken from the routine.

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