Babies on the Brain

So, I have babies on the brain. And, NO, I am NOT pregnant! But, I was this time last year. In fact, I was very pregnant this time last year.

I had hoped that staying at home would make this baby time go by a little more slowly, but it didn’t. Just like with Big Brother, I can’t believe we are preparing to celebrate this little guy’s 1st birthday already. So, I have “babies on the brain” as I’m reminded to enjoy every little fleeting baby moment left before he is a full-fledged little toddler.

And, aside from my baby, I have another little guy on my mind–my “nephew”. This weekend I will be traveling to visit one of my dearest friends and finally get to meet her little guy who was born a couple of months ago. I can’t wait!
A good high school friend is due to have her first baby any day; friends that are hoping/trying/struggling to have a baby; friends who’ve recently announced they’re having a baby! Lots of babies on my brain! 
So, in the next few days and while I’m away visiting a new little babe, I’m deeming this “Baby Week”! Whether you’re expecting, have little ones, or just loving friends/family welcoming new babies, I hope you’ll join us! There will be some fun giveaways too!! 

Baby Week Features (with more to come…)


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