Do you like free stuff?

I know I do!! Until I started following some frugal/deal-saving blogs the past few months, I had no idea the number of free products you can get each year!  Now, I’m so glad that I do!!  From couponing, I’ve been shocked by the number of free items I have been able to “purchase”.  Just last […]


Ok, so did you know that there are “eCoupons”? These are coupons that you can load right to your store cards and they will automatically come off when your card is scanned & you purchase those specified products. There are three sites that do them that I use: Shortcuts, Cellfire, and P&G;. Plus, some grocery chains have their […]

Abstract Pumpkin Art

Today we made fingerpaintings abstract pumpkin art! I wanted to do something pumpkin themed with the kiddos today (I watch a friend’s kids two days a week).  But, I forgot my craft stuff this morning. So, in looking around their crafting stash, I found this: I saw that there was orange & green and figured we […]

The Force is with her!

Um…so I just stumbled upon one of the coolest birthday parties. EVER. (well, ever if you are a Star Wars loving boy of any age anyway).  See?! The momma over at A Second Street must be the coolest mom in the galaxy right now and the Force was definitely with her when she put together this ultra-cool […]

Making your own baby food

Little Brother (who just turned 6 months) has now entered the realm of solids, which means it’s time to start whipping up batches of baby food again. I’m always amazed at the reactions I get from people when I tell them we make our own–it seems some people think it is quite the undertaking, but […]

Apple Stamping

After our fun handprint apple tree making, I thought we should give apple stamping a try. The boys (I watch a friend’s kids two days a week) loved it!!   Here’s what you need: Two apples (& a knife to cut them) paint (& something to put it in) paper  You can cut the apples two […]