Simple Spider Craft

These cute, little arachnids are super easy to make–and a great way to recycle too! 🙂 To do these, you’ll need: – egg carton – black paint (& paint brush) – black pipe cleaners – eyes (googly eyes, stickers, or tape*) – scissors – tape (optional) To make: – Cut the individual egg wells from […]

Build a Jack-o-Lantern

This build a jack ‘o lantern activity is so easy to make and has so many extensions!   To make your very own build a jack o’ lantern (alternately titled, “Mr. Pumpkin Head”), you’ll need: -one 9 x 12 sheet of orange felt (I chose “stiffened” just so it would have some extra support) -one […]

Pumpkin turnovers…

…or handheld pies or pop tart thingies…or whatever.  But, no matter what you call them, they sure are cute & tasty! The inspiration for these little yummies comes from Joy the Baker. I have a husband who loves all things pumpkin and well, loves pop tarts.  So, when I saw her Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts recipe, I […]

Halloween Muffin Tin Meal

 Kicking off Halloween week with a spooky muffin tin meal! 🙂   Big Brother is much more interested in and excited about Halloween this year–he’s loving all the fun crafts, decorations, and foods.  He thinks it’s all pretty fun and was super excited about his Halloween muffin tin lunch! 🙂    He even enjoyed slurping up […]

Homemade Parrot Costume

Since the family-themed costume post, I’ve had a few questions about how we made the parrot costume.  We didn’t have a pattern–just a few ideas & pictures, then we just “winged it”. Sadly, this was in my pre-blogging days and I didn’t write down directions or do step-by-step pictures. So, here is  a “semi-tutorial” instead… […]

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Ghost Bananas

I’ve seen the idea of strawberry ghosts floating around the blogosphere and was especially inspired by this post by the Muffin Tin Mom.  See?!  Didn’t she make the cutest little ghosts?! I simply HAD to make them and decided to try it with the kiddos today. Unfortunately though, we only had about 4 useable strawberries and the […]