Homemade Parrot Costume

Since the family-themed costume post, I’ve had a few questions about how we made the parrot costume.  We didn’t have a pattern–just a few ideas & pictures, then we just “winged it”. Sadly, this was in my pre-blogging days and I didn’t write down directions or do step-by-step pictures. So, here is  a “semi-tutorial” instead… […]

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Free goods with coupons

Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that I can go to the store and pay nothing for items.  Or even more unbelievable–items that actually MAKE me money to take from the store!  I know, it sounds like some gimmick… some type of fraud. But, it’s not–it works and is totally legal! 🙂 All the items […]

Ghost Bananas

I’ve seen the idea of strawberry ghosts floating around the blogosphere and was especially inspired by this post by the Muffin Tin Mom.  See?!  Didn’t she make the cutest little ghosts?! I simply HAD to make them and decided to try it with the kiddos today. Unfortunately though, we only had about 4 useable strawberries and the […]

Footprint Ghosts

To go with our special ghost fruit treats today, I decided we should make footprint ghosts. I’m such a sucker for the handprint/footprint crafts!  Therefore, I happen to think these are SUPER cute!  All you need for this is dark construction paper, white paint (preferably of the washable, non-toxic variety), a black marker, a paint […]

Themed Cake Creations

The past few years, I have been enjoying trying my hand at some fun cake creations!  Here’s the recap: Big Brother’s 1st birthday cake (Caterpillar theme) 2nd birthday (Jungle theme. Everything edible except the Little People Animals) Easter Bunny Cake   3rd birthday (Dinosaur theme–obviously!) So, for any of you like me who find yourself secretly […]

P is for pumpkins!

After doing our abstract pumpkin art, I thought more pumpkin activities were definitely in order.  We’ve been continuing to work on the alphabet and learning letters, so I wanted to hit on that too. If you haven’t heard of it, there is a great website called first-school and they have TONS of free printable activities for […]