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Arm-Hammer-Disclosure-300x115This has been “Dentist” week around here. A visit for me (yay for no cavities or need for any special work) and a visit for the boys. At 6, Big Brother is at the age where he is losing teeth and his molars are starting to come in. The biology teacher in me was completely fascinated with his mouth X-rays! Check out how you can see the permanent teeth ready to push out those baby teeth and come up! WOW!! Dental x-rayIncredible! Honestly, it looks a little uncomfortable! 😉 But, the X-ray has nothing to do with the tip! Obviously, I think every single dentist (yes, even for the boys at young ages) emphasizes the importance of flossing. So, from a dentist’s stand point, I think that’s probably their #1 tip for a healthy mouth! BUT, something I’ve been hearing more and more of from the dentist is the benefit of using an electric toothbrush! In fact, this past winter was my first dentist’s visit in WAY too long. I’ve been using an electric toothbrush since we got some as a wedding gift (yes, for real) in 2004! I only had 1 cavity even though I had not been seen by a dentist in years. The hygienist and dentist both said that they could tell that I use and electric brush. Had I not, they said my mouth would have likely been in way worse shape. Then, this week, they talked about the benefits of making sure we’re all using electric toothbrushes again! So, that’s my dentist tip–use an “electric” toothbrush!!

And, what’s great is that there are a number of affordable options you can find at your local grocery and/or big-box store! Check out the ProClean Sonic Spinbrush from ARM & HAMMER! Arm & Hammer Spin BrushIt’s clinically proven to remove up to 95% of plaque, which is precisely why my dentist is such an advocate for using an electric (powered) toothbrush! This spinbrush has an added great little feature in that they have “color-wear” bristles. So, once it’s time to change toothbrush heads, you’ll know from the colors of the bristles! Handy, right?!

ARM & HAMMER™ also has you covered for toothpaste! For those with sensitive teeth, but who still want to whitening product, there is a great option: ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive toothpaste, from the makers of Orajel™! Arm & Hammer Sensitive ToothpasteI love the idea of whitening my teeth in an easy way (like with toothpaste), but sometimes the whitening toothpastes make my teeth extra sensitive. So, this is a great solution!

Have you heard any great tips from your dentist?

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  1. carol dee says

    Love the x-ray. I always find that stuff fascinating. Biology was always a favorite subject in school. (Well behind Art and Home-ec.) 🙂 The only tip I can think of from dentist, Cut out cola and if you can’t brush at least floss.

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