10 Fun Facts about Galavant Season 2

If you need more comedy and music in your life, you’re in luck as ABC’s Galavant is back for its second season on Sunday, January 3rd at 8/7c! During my Star Wars Event/ABC Event press trip a few weeks ago, we got to sit down to chat about the show with Timothy Omundson (King Richard) and Executive Producers Dan Fogelman and Kat Likkel.  Galavant Season 2In fact, we actually got to see the season premiere! There were NUMEROUS times where the entire room laughed out loud. SO MUCH FUNNY – and so much singing!!! Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s always fun sitting down with cast members, producers, and/or directors to hear what goes into making the show and some of the behind-the-scenes fun! As you can imagine, this was a REALLY fun group! They were so down to earth and easy to talk to!
Galavant InterviewSo, here’s 10 fun facts we learned about the show during our chat:

  • Timothy Omundson feels like “a kid at a candy store” in getting to do this show!
  • The cameos continue! Weird Al Yankovic, Hugh Bonneville, and John Stamos are back for Galavant Season 2!
  • Alan Menken has done 32 original songs for Galavant Season 2, which according to Dan  is the equivalent of like 5 Broadway musicals!
  • Most of the singing we see on the show is recorded live.
  • Vinnie Jones (Gareth) will have a Disney-style musical number later in the season. He’ll be signing a love song to nobody – much a like a Disney character! 😉 So, that is sure to be amusing!
  • Some of the scenes for this season were filmed in Morocco (pretty crazy for a half hour comedy show)!
  • Look for a Zombie Army later in the season! 😉 And…a massive scene shot with over 300 extras!!
  • Timothy Omundson is apparently a karaoke master (no doubt)!
  • A few scenes were compared to very “Game of Thrones”, but then with everyone breaking out into musical numbers.
  • The theme of season 2 is “love and redemption”.

galavant-king-richardTimothy Omundson PHOTO CREDIT: (ABC/Nick Ray)

Are YOU excited for the return of Galavant?  Galavant 2 Premieres Sunday, January 3rd at 8/7c with be two 30-minute episodes, back-to-back!! For extra fun, you can tweet along with while you watch using the hashtag #Galavant (and follow on twitter at GalavantABC). galavant-group-640x360

Disclosure: I was invited and hosted by Disney/ABC to cover the #StarWarsEvent & #ABCTVEvent as part of an all-expenses paid press trip. As always, all opinions.

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