Ghost Bananas

I’ve seen the idea of strawberry ghosts floating around the blogosphere and was especially inspired by this post by the Muffin Tin Mom.  See?!  Didn’t she make the cutest little ghosts?! I simply HAD to make them and decided to try it with the kiddos today. Unfortunately though, we only had about 4 useable strawberries and the […]

Footprint Ghosts

To go with our special ghost fruit treats today, I decided we should make footprint ghosts. I’m such a sucker for the handprint/footprint crafts!  Therefore, I happen to think these are SUPER cute!  All you need for this is dark construction paper, white paint (preferably of the washable, non-toxic variety), a black marker, a paint […]

Themed Cake Creations

The past few years, I have been enjoying trying my hand at some fun cake creations!  Here’s the recap: Big Brother’s 1st birthday cake (Caterpillar theme) 2nd birthday (Jungle theme. Everything edible except the Little People Animals) Easter Bunny Cake   3rd birthday (Dinosaur theme–obviously!) So, for any of you like me who find yourself secretly […]

P is for pumpkins!

After doing our abstract pumpkin art, I thought more pumpkin activities were definitely in order.  We’ve been continuing to work on the alphabet and learning letters, so I wanted to hit on that too. If you haven’t heard of it, there is a great website called first-school and they have TONS of free printable activities for […]

Freezer cooking for babies!

So, I haven’t really managed a lot of freezer cooking for the whole family this month (which I can’t believe is more than half over already!).  Instead, freezer cooking for the baby seems to be this month’s theme! One day yielded a HUGE amount of baby food: All that squash and yams yielded over 180 […]

FREE Freezer Cooking Class!

Just heard about the opportunity to learn more freezer cooking tips with a FREE online class!  Head over to Fresh from the Freezer and sign up with your name & email address. Then, you should be able to view the videos for free!Apparently, this chef’s normal online classes go for $30-$50, so this is quite a deal!! […]

Creamy Italian Chicken

This recipe is SO yummy!!  And, definitely healthier than chicken alfredo! Through my little couponing obsession, I was able to get 1/3 lower fat Philly cream cheese last week for free!  Sweet!  But, then I needed some recipes that call for cream cheese.  I had chicken I needed to cook, so a simple swagbucks search led me […]

Menu Plan Monday-10/18

A trip out of town had me seriously thrown off last week with menu planning and our evenings definitely suffered as a result.  So, this week, I’m back at it–hoping to ensure less chaos & crabbiness in those evening hours.Here’s what our week looks like:Monday–Creamy Italian Chicken with broccoli  Tuesday–Marinated Chicken breasts with saladWednesday (forecast […]

Muffin Tin Meals

So, I’ve recently discovered the easiest and cutest little idea for changing up mealtime with the kiddos–Muffin Tin Meals!  At Muffin Tin Mom, every Monday is “Muffin Tin Monday“–where other moms link up their muffin tin meals from the week.  Some weeks are themes, though it certainly doesn’t have to be.  (You can read all […]

Coupon Class

So, lately I’ve had various requests related to sharing my couponing knowledge–requests to do friends’ grocery shopping, accompany people to the store to show them how to really use the coupons, and to do a coupon class. And, now I have the perfect solution–The Frugal Find’s online coupon class!! The Frugal Find is a great site […]

Egg Muffins

A great new way to make eggs!   Photo source: My MOPS table group was in charge of bringing egg dishes for breakfast this week. I needed something quicker than your typical egg casserole, but wanted something a little more interesting that just a pan of scrambled eggs.  So, an internet search led me to this […]

SwagBucks-You should try it!

Are you using SwagBucks yet? Until the last week of August, I wasn’t.  In fact, I’d never even heard of it before then.  Although I was a little skeptical, I decided to go ahead and sign up.  And, it’s so awesome!  In just 6 weeks time, we have earned $25 to Amazon!  How?!  Just by […]

Do you like free stuff?

I know I do!! Until I started following some frugal/deal-saving blogs the past few months, I had no idea the number of free products you can get each year!  Now, I’m so glad that I do!!  From couponing, I’ve been shocked by the number of free items I have been able to “purchase”.  Just last […]


Ok, so did you know that there are “eCoupons”? These are coupons that you can load right to your store cards and they will automatically come off when your card is scanned & you purchase those specified products. There are three sites that do them that I use: Shortcuts, Cellfire, and P&G;. Plus, some grocery chains have their […]

Abstract Pumpkin Art

Today we made fingerpaintings abstract pumpkin art! I wanted to do something pumpkin themed with the kiddos today (I watch a friend’s kids two days a week).  But, I forgot my craft stuff this morning. So, in looking around their crafting stash, I found this: I saw that there was orange & green and figured we […]

The Force is with her!

Um…so I just stumbled upon one of the coolest birthday parties. EVER. (well, ever if you are a Star Wars loving boy of any age anyway).  See?! The momma over at A Second Street must be the coolest mom in the galaxy right now and the Force was definitely with her when she put together this ultra-cool […]

Making your own baby food

Little Brother (who just turned 6 months) has now entered the realm of solids, which means it’s time to start whipping up batches of baby food again. I’m always amazed at the reactions I get from people when I tell them we make our own–it seems some people think it is quite the undertaking, but […]

Apple Stamping

After our fun handprint apple tree making, I thought we should give apple stamping a try. The boys (I watch a friend’s kids two days a week) loved it!!   Here’s what you need: Two apples (& a knife to cut them) paint (& something to put it in) paper  You can cut the apples two […]

Menu Plan Monday-10/4

It is good to be back in the swing of things with our menu planning and I’m pleased to say that last week’s went well.  As did the egg plant parmesan (and I made enough for two, so we have one waiting in the freezer for another week)! Now, on to this week’s short plan: […]

Family-Themed Halloween Costumes…

…mostly “homemade”! Now that we are into October, Halloween planning is definitely on my mind.  For us, part of that means putting together our family-themed costumes.   I was lucky and grew up with a mom and grandmas that are all pretty good seamstresses (one of my next endeavors).  Along with that, came homemade or […]

Zoo Pops!

Wild fun!  My sister found these adorable popsicle molds while out shopping this summer and thought her favorite nephews must have them!  The molds come with a little recipe booklet, but thus far, we’ve just made smoothie pops!  On mornings when we’ve been making smoothies, I add some extra fruit, juice, and ice to increase […]