Great Gifts for Young Scientists: Magic School Bus Kit {Review & Giveaway!}

Do you have any little budding scientists in your house? I say that if you have any young kids at home, then you most definitely have little scientists (spoken like a true science teacher, right?! ;) )! So, there is a company you should know about–The Young Scientists Club! As a former science teacher, I LOVE finding companies that foster a love of science in kids. The Young Scientists Club has a simple mission: “to engage boys and girls around the world in an educational science adventure that lasts a lifetime”!  That’s a mission statement I can get behind. To foster that love of science, they offer an array of services and products! Kits start as low as $14.99. There is even a monthly subscription service option (talk about a great gift idea for the science enthusiast) and a fabulous fundraising program! We recently got to try out one of their fabulous kits with a group of Big Brother’s little friends. It worked out perfectly as Big Brother actually had a “Magic School Bus Night” at his school last month. So, needless to say, we had a blast with the Grow Amazing Polymers Group Pack!
With this kit, your young scientists can grow super balls, snow, rainbow beads, crystal gels, and polymer flowers while learning about the importance and science of super-absorbent polymers. Polymers are always such fun with kids (even big kids tend to have fun with them)! How great would this be for a science birthday party, homeschool coop, or camp of some kind?!

Here is what our kit supplies looked like: Everything was very clearly labeled and the manuals (based on the Magic School Bus show) were great! With a kit like this, there are applications & learning extensions for many ages! Since our group was on the young end (ages 6 & under) for this kit, I chose two of the experiments to do with them. We started with the snow and everyone found it fascinating!! :) If you’ve never gotten to play with the fake polymer snow, you have to check it out sometime–really fun stuff (even all the moms thought so)! The kids were SO interested. First we “grew” our snow and then we melted it! After all of our snow fun, we then started our red super balls! Every kiddo at our science-fun playdate got to take home their little super ball experiment to see what would happen. Big Brother thought it was most interesting when his red super ball seemed to resemble a large raspberry! Do you have a young scientist who would like to do some fun experiments like this? You can buy them at The Young Scientists Club or...WIN IT!!


One lucky Mom Endeav­ors’ reader will win a Slime and Polymer Lab kit valued at $39.99!

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Use the Raf­fle­copter form below to sub­mit entries. To enter, click the but­ton that says, “Do it!”, and then com­plete that spe­cific task. Each time you do this, you get one entry. Then con­tinue on, and do as many (or as few) tasks as you like. ONE LUCKY WINNER gets lab kit!
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Science puts the “fun” in fundraiser!…

If you’re a teacher, PTA/PTO member, fundraising chairperson, etc., you should take a look at the fundraiser program! The Young Scientists Club Presents Its Award-Winning Science Kits For Schools And Clubs To Sell With 20% Cash Back And Free Gifts.

With kit names like Sci-ology ($14.99), Microscope Lab ($39.99) and Attracted To Magnificent Magnets ($19.99) parents, grandparents and neighbors can give young children an exciting and educational peek into the world of science that’s age-appropriate, even at ages 4 or 5 years because you are never too young to discover the world around you or just your backyard. As part of a fundraising effort for non-profits, schools and groups, the science kit giver is rewarded twice — not only purchasing a great product but having cash donated back to a favorite cause.

Fundraisers simply follow these four steps:

1. Call 1-800-964-1320 and register to receive a code specifically for your group.

2. Work with The Young Scientists Club to personalize an email to spread the word of this great offer.

3. Invite parents, grandparents, and supporters to shop online using your school/club code. Since they place their order themselves, the group coordinator does not have to manage or collect orders or payments.

4.  Anticipate the arrival of The Young Scientist Club shipment, brown shopping bags, and donation check!

So, definitely check that out if you’re in need of a fun fundraiser for an organization!

Disclosure: I was provided with the kit shown above for the purposes of review. However, all opinions, experiences, and love of science are entirely my own! :)


  1. Even I as an adult enjoys Science for kids because it’s really fun and easy to understand!

    • As a science teacher, another favorite kit that my students and their parents love is the TickleMe Plant Kit. With it every child can grow a TickleMe Plant which will close its leaves and lower its branches when tickled. soooo cool Just search TickleMe Plant to see a video of a live plant and to get the greenhouse kit to grow your own

  2. I love the fundraising and classroom aspect. My kids would love this. I think it would be fun to do more science at home.

  3. Would love to be able to do more science experiments with my grand kids!

  4. As a biochemist, I would LOVE to get my boys doing experiments at home! We do little ones right now, but a kit would be super fun!

  5. My daughter loves science experiments! I love that its all put together, no running around trying to buy all the stuff you need.

  6. Karen Bobrow says:

    We do Science Sundays at our house, since the public school science programming has been cut, this looks like a great project.

  7. I love that it comes with all the pieces and what to do with them. I have bought kids in the past and the instructions where horrible. We ended up throwing away things we needed for other experiments because it wasn’t clear we were suppose to save the product after the initial experiment. My son was so upset when we couldn’t d all the projects.

  8. Hands on experimenting!

  9. My kids love this kind of stuff! We often do at home science experiments!

  10. This would make an awesome and different gift this year!

  11. This looks so cool! My boys would go crazy over this!

  12. I love how it’s so hands-on! This would be perfect for my nephews!

  13. Debnmike m says:

    As a teacher, I love that these are all hands on and have all the supplies you will need! My 7 year old would go nuts for these!

  14. I like that they are affordable Kits start as low as $14.99. Great in these tight budget times.

    diane dot wortman at gmail dot com

  15. Love your review, the instructions seem very user friendly. My 7 year old daughter LOVES science, this will definitely nurture her love for science!

  16. I love that it’s hands on! My little guy would love something like this!

  17. My son loves doing ‘experiment’ This would be perfect for him!

  18. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    Fun for the whole family

  19. My daughter would love this! It looks like it is very organized and easy to follow

  20. I love that it comes with all the pieces and what to do with them. My nephew would love this kit.

  21. My son loves experiments, this is right up his alley.

  22. I love the hands-on nature of the projects. My son is so so curious about how things are made and how they work and he loves being able to create things himself.

  23. My son would love this. It looks amazing and straightforward

  24. Jessica To says:

    I love that everything is labeled and their are manuals for those of us that need help!

  25. Adrianne B says:

    I like that there are multiple experiement options!

  26. Jess McCarthy says:

    I love that this is a Magic School Bus kit! My guys love the Magic School Bus!

  27. My kids already love Magic School bus, so they’d love this. :)

  28. My family LOVES Magic School Bus! My son would flip out if we won!

  29. This would be perfect to pull out on a snowy, super-cold day! Love science!

  30. It has applications for many ages.

  31. Growing super balls sounds cool.

  32. Veronica R. says:

    I love that the kit looks like it has easy to read directions and everything is labeled. Sounds like an easy, fun, and educational acitivity!

  33. Jenel Meier says:

    The best part is its so hand’s on!

  34. My nephew would love this! Actually I would love to do it with him!

  35. I think the best part about the club and kits is that the kids get to have fun while learning and the activities are really engaging.

  36. The best part is the kit has it all there, my sons would just love this!

  37. I like the lab kit the most.

  38. The best part about this kit is that it uses more than the everyday items from my kitchen. We have done a science experiment book and it was loads of fun. I can only imagine how fun it would be to beyond baking soda and vinegar experiments :)

  39. I think this is perfect for young kids, and is a great way to get them excited about science!

  40. Would be great to do with all my kids, even the teens, lol.

  41. Hands on science!!

  42. I like to combo of fun and educational

  43. My son is a huge Magic School Bus fan, so he’d love this. He’s a budding scientist, even at 4. He loves mixing baking soda and vinegar.

  44. I love that it’s a fun way to learn.

  45. I like that it will get the kids excited about science.

  46. I like the idea of a club coming to your house every month. My son already loves Magic School Bus – this would be great.

  47. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says:

    I like everything about it…that it’s science and fun at the same time! Something I don’t remember as a kid.

  48. I like that younger kids can be hands on.

  49. Angela Anthony says:

    This would be GREAT for my kids because I home school. They LOVE science.

  50. Tina Seagraves says:

    “to engage boys and girls around the world in an edu­ca­tional sci­ence adven­ture that lasts a life­time”!

  51. I love that it gives kids a hands-on experience!

  52. These are fabulous! We love the Magic School bus books, and both of my kids absolutely love doing science experiments. i think these would make a really nice alternative to the typical fundraisers! Really cool!

  53. Christine k says:

    The snow part looks great

  54. ria clarke says:

    The best part- no batteries or apps needed

  55. Teaching science in a fun and exciting way

  56. Danielle Porter says:

    The lab kit. ;-)

  57. Amber Carroll says:

    I love that this kit makes science so hands-on!

  58. Jessica Peeling says:
  59. that we will get to spend time together

  60. The lab kit sounds fun

  61. Love the idea of discovery learning

  62. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    That there are different activities and its all educational and fun.

  63. I love that they offer fun and educational activities!

  64. my daughter would love the snow

  65. This is something my daughter and I could enjoy together. She loves to learn and is at a VERY curious age :)

  66. I teach preschool and have been working on getting my B.S. in biotechnology. I have a real passion for science and I think the Young Scientists Club has a great mission. Every Friday is science day in my class because children gain so many valuable skills from science like observation, quantification, qualification, forming hypotheses and making predictions, and learning about the world around them. That being said, I would love to use this kit in my classroom.

  67. Ashley Schein says:

    I like that younger kids can enjoy it too and they get to learn new cool stuff.

  68. Jenn Scott says:

    Basics of science can be taught to any kid, any age!!

  69. The fact that its the magic school bus makes it extra nice. My daughter loves the magic school bus.

  70. Jessica B says:

    educational, and encourages curiosity

  71. Corey Olomon says:

    This sounds like so much fun. My kids (and me) would love this!

  72. Miranda Gonzalez says:

    I love science experiments, and this would be great for our homeschool!

  73. Angela Killingsworth says:

    Our boys LOVE to experiment! They are asking Santa for a microscope and this would be another wonderful hands on addition!!! Thank you!!!!

  74. Priscilla Benavides says:
  75. My kids love science kits!

    My Name: Heather Abbe
    My Email: abbegirl1977 at gmail dot com

  76. would love this for my kids

  77. Jenna M Osborne says:

    I love that it lets young minds explore

  78. Lots of hands on fun for me to share with my children at home. They would love this!

  79. I love that it helps kids learn through fun. To see the cool side of science.

  80. my kids love science experiments and its educational !

  81. Everything! I would love to use this in my classroom :)

  82. Angie PreciselyMine says:

    I like the lab kit.

  83. Everything sounds good! My daughter’s becoming interested in science, especially hands-on, and loves Magic School Bus.

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