Baby Brother is Here!!

Hi all! Just popping in for a quick update to let you know that Baby Brother is here! :) He was born yesterday (7/12) at 4:12pm, weighing in at 6lbs 6oz  & 19.5 inches– our smallest baby by far (most likely caused by the 2-vessel cord). That’s almost 3 pounds and 2 inches smaller than Little Brother–WHOA!

The whole induction went just about as well as it could and delivery was CRAZY (in a good way). We’re both doing great! Can’t wait to share all the little details, but will have to wait for more time to do the post justice. In the meantime, here are a couple of favorite pictures so far:

We’re smitten with this adorable, little guy!

Thanks so much to all of you who commented on my last stressed out post, have said prayers, & sent good wishes!! Stay tuned for more details & pictures in an upcoming post. Plus, there will be some fun guest posts and some giveaways coming soon! :)


  1. I love the picture of you two looking at him. He’s beautiful!! Congratulations again – so glad you’re doing well!

  2. He is ADORABLE!! Congrats, so glad all went well considering!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. CONGRATS!!! he is just so beautiful! wishing you a speedy recovery!


  4. These are so precious. I love the one of you guys looking at him.

  5. So glad you are all doing well and I would be smitten too with that adorable face! Can’t wait to see him IRL!!LOL!

  6. Carol Dee says:

    6lb 6oz is my sisters normal baby! I have 9lb 2oz normal !! You ALL look wonderful, I am looking forward to more details. :) I hope Big Brother and Bigger Brother are thrilled. Hugs to all…

  7. congrats!!! he is adorable!!

  8. He’s adorable!! Congrats!

  9. Donna O'Neil says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes to you and your family.

  10. Sara, congratulations to you and your family. He is beautiful!

  11. He is beautiful! So happy for you all!!! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!!!!

  12. Congrats Sara! :) He is adorable!!

  13. he’s beautiful! I’m so glad he’s here safe and sound, I can’t wait to hear the rest!

  14. Congratulations

    Thanks so much for all your pregnancy updates
    I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my first and at 12 weeks had low papp a and a sua diagnosis I was panicking until I stumbled across this

    Again thanks so much
    And congratulations

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Ugh, Kristy! I’m sorry! I definitely know first-hand how scary hearing that news can be. My best friend also had a 2-vessel cord and she didn’t even have the issues that I did with the low fluid, induction, etc. She has a healthy little girl. So, I’m hoping the best for you! :) Hugs!

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